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Management improvement, business recovery, business succession support

We make use of our specialized knowledge and abilities in finance and business management to create business plans, provide guidance and verification, propose management improvement measures based on business analysis, reorganize, legally organize, and organize privately. We propose a business revitalization plan using various methods. In addition, we provide a service to develop a business succession plan together with management or those who are planning to succeed in order to achieve sustainable business development and inheritance measures.

Initial public offering support

Initial public offering support Listing on the stock market is one of the most effective ways to increase the size of a company, improve its brand image and creditworthiness, acquire excellent human resources, gain founder profits, and enhance the welfare of executives and employees. On the other hand, public offerings require the enhancement of internal controls, the shift to organizational management, and the timely disclosure of financial details, which may lead to unnecessary increases in costs and slowdown in management speed. We can help you develop internal controls and disclosure systems, taking into account cost efficiency.

IFRS introduction, Japanese expansion support, overseas expansion support

As a member firm of HLB International, we have experience and skills in international operations. Accounting support services such as English accounting, reclassification to IFRS, support for the introduction of IFRS, support for international companies from the stage of preparation for entry into Japan, and support for Japanese companies expanding overseas in cooperation with local member firms.

Financial analysis support, CAAT tool introduction support

Analyzing the huge amount of financial data accumulated in a company is not only useful for detecting fraud such as financial fraud and asset misappropriation, but also becoming important as a post-control incorporated into internal control. However, such financial analysis requires the acquisition of analytical skills and the introduction of CAAT (Computer Assisted Audit Technique) tools. Utilizing the years of experience cultivated through auditing, we will provide financial analysis services and support for the introduction of CAAT tools.

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