About us



We treat our clients with integrity.
Even if it involves a problem that is difficult to solve, we will consider the problem from multiple perspectives and try to solve it as much as possible.
We will carefully explain to our clients the reasons we have judged as specialists, clearly stating the rules and examples.
We face our business with integrity.
We will do our best to use our professional abilities as much as cost and time allow.
We will maintain a fair and impartial attitude and pursue the truth to the last with a belief that does not allow injustice or error.


Training and self-improvement
We have an extensive training system and a self-learning support system to acquire specialized knowledge and skills and keep them up to date. We deepen our expertise and hone our skills through practical experience. We have a system to provide high-quality services through an educational training system, on-site guidance, sharing of standard tools, and development of manuals so that we can systematically make the right decisions as experts.

HLB Quality
HLB secures a system to provide high quality services through sharing of peer review system, conference, WEB training system, audit assurance operation manual and audit tools.


HLB MEISEI is a member farm of HLB International
HLB International is a global network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisors. It was founded in 1969, has 27,485 partners and staff in 745 offices worldwide, and serves customers through member firms in 153 countries. It is ranked 12th in the world.

We can carry out audits in various situations.

We have audit experience for over 20 listed companies.

We can cover a wide range of industries, including finance, software development, industrial equipment manufacturing, wholesale and retail, trade services and beauty services.

We have a lot of experience in high-risk audits and use our skills and abilities to perform high-quality audits with a sincere attitude.

We work with HLB International member firms in more than 150 countries to audit global companies.