We are working on SDGs

June 15,2021

What are SDGs?

SDGs is an abbreviation for Sustainable Development Goals, which represents the goals that the world should achieve in the 15 years from 2016 to 2030. It consists of 17 goals and 169 targets. The 17 goals are basic goals of developing countries such as poverty and water hygiene, goals that developed countries and companies should work on such as job satisfaction and clean energy, global issues such as climate change and biodiversity, and peace.There are other issues that each of us should tackle.

About HLB Meisei's efforts

Sharing and education of SDGs information to staff At a remote meeting where all staff members participate once a week, everyone is watching a video about the SDGs published by United Nations. First of all, we are working to raise awareness of the SDGs of each staff member, promote their understanding of the content, and create an environment in which small actions can be easily taken.

Thorough measures against infectious diseases

JICPA has released a TODO list in case of COVID-19 close contact. Along with this, we are sharing the additional measures taken by our corporation within the company, and taking measures so that we can take prompt action in the event of a close contact or an infected person. We also take measures such as ventilation of the facility, regular disinfection work, thorough wearing of masks, and adoption of remote work.

Work style reform

We are working to create a comfortable working environment for employees, such as reducing overtime, managing health management hours, and supporting the balance between work and childcare. Employee health care has also become an issue due to the increase in remote work. By using the video conferencing system for morning meetings, in-house training, team meetings, and gymnastics twice daily, we are able to eliminate communication shortages and check our health.

Donation / volunteer activities

As we have announced on our website for some time, the Meisei Group is actively making donations. In addition to donations to medical facilities associated with the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we also donate to disaster relief funds such as typhoons, support for children, and organizations working on global poverty issues. The donation also utilizes the proceeds from the sale of drinks in the office, and staff can participate in donation activities by purchasing drinks. In addition, each employee is actively engaged in activities because the volunteer activities carried out by individuals are reported to the corporation every six months and the allowance is added to the bonus according to the content.