HLB MEISEI is currently recruiting!

Would you like to work together to improve the quality of audits?
We, HLB Meisei LLC, are working to contribute to the development of the Japanese economy by ensuring the reliability of financial information through audits. Please see below for details on hiring audit assistants (Japanese certified public accountants, foreign accountant qualification holders, successful applicants for the certified accountant examination).


Japanese certified public accountant

The work we want you to do is mainly auditing listed companies, but there are also IPO audits, non-statutory audits, and public interest corporation audits.
In addition, there are non-guaranteed services such as stock price calculation services. If you have English proficiency, you can also audit foreign-affiliated companies. Depending on your years of experience and skills, you can be a staff member, on-site in-charge, or potential partner.

Foreign accountant qualification holders (US certified accountants, UK chartered accountants, etc.)

The work we want you to do most is auditing and referral work for foreign-affiliated companies, but like certified public accountants in Japan, you will also be in charge of a wide range of auditing and non-guaranteed work. We are looking for you who have foreign language proficiency and knowledge and experience of IFRS, IAS, etc. In addition, you will be in charge of various operations as a bridge with HLB International, to which our corporation belongs.
At our corporation, even overseas accountant qualification holders can be promoted to partners depending on their years of experience and skills.

Successful applicants for the Certified Accountant Examination

We want you to perform the audit work of a listed company as a member of the audit team. Since we work with a relatively small team, you can handle a wide range of tasks, from creating audit plans, implementing audit procedures, checking disclosures, and forming opinions. You will receive lengthy training and courteous guidance from your boss on aud it procedures. The subjects you are in charge of will be wide. This includes management expectations and advanced accounting areas.
By eliminating inefficient audit procedures, automating procedures, and using data analysis, we are working to carry out efficient and effective audit work.