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Statutory and voluntary audits

We provide a variety of statutory and voluntary audits, including the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law Audit and the Corporate Law Audit. We have a motto of detailed and careful work, and our partners can take advantage of the characteristics of a small and medium-sized audit firm to enable them to make quick decisions on auditing and provide guidance on business improvement. We are a member firm of HLB International and its quality is highly evaluated.

Global Assurance

We have knowledge of international accounting standards such as IFRS, US GAAP and their practices. We also have extensive experience in auditing and other assurance tasks in accordance with international auditing standards. Professional staff who are fluent in English are able to communicate overseas.

Financial due diligence

When acquiring another company or making a large investment in another company, it is necessary to investigate whether the financial statements of the target company are properly prepared, whether there are any off-balance sheet debts, etc., and whether there is any problem with profitability. Especially for listed companies, conducting financial due diligence is indispensable as one of the proper procedures in management decision-making. We provide high quality financial due diligence at reasonable rates.

Other assurance services

If you outsource some of the business processes that have a significant effect on your company’s financial statements, you will need to audit these operations. Securities companies are required to audit whether or not the assets received from customers and the assets of the company are properly separated and managed. Various other assurance activities may be required, such as verifying certain items in the financial statements or verifying internal controls. We address these various audit and assurance tasks.

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