Announcement of Advisor Appointment

July 31, 2023

We would like to inform you that Mr. Kenji Nakamura has been appointed as an advisor on August 1st with the aim of strengthening compliance.

Mr. Kenji Nakamura was a former superintendent of the Metropolitan Police Department, and during his tenure, he was in charge of protecting VIPs (SP), investigating economic crimes, and investigating cyber crimes.
He received top-level training as the first student of the "Information Security Advisor Special Course" sponsored by the National Police Agency. As a cybercrime investigator for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, he was personally involved in the investigation of incidents and provided technical and investigative guidance to police stations.

In addition, he is also involved in the direction of application development and the operation of Twitter official accounts, and has about 150,000 followers as a "Twitter inspector".
With the appointment of Mr. Nakamura as an advisor, we will strive to further strengthen compliance and strive to provide high-quality services to many customers.


Mr. Kenji Nakamura Profile (Quoted from the Digital Forensics Laboratory website)
Former Metropolitan Police Department Superintendent / Digital Forensic Analyst / Senior Researcher, Event Research Institute
After graduating from high school, he joined the Metropolitan Police Department.
During his tenure, he enrolled in the Chuo University Faculty of Law correspondence course and graduated in four and a half years.
Responsible for VIP protection (SP), economic crime investigation, and cyber crime investigation.
Received top-level training as the first student of the "Information Security Advisor Special Course" sponsored by the National Police Agency.

He was dispatched as the only police officer among the technical officers who are specialists from the police nationwide.
In this training, we did a lot of cracking and defense against major OS exercises.
− Main achievements as a cybercrime investigator −
・ Incident
・Unauthorized access incident by a career engineer of the National Police Agency
・Yahoo! Auction fraud arrest (first in Japan)
・Unfair Competition Prevention Act violation case (in the wake of the revision of the law on the disclosure of trade secrets)
- Arrested cases of false accusations on the police website
・ Responsible for investigative guidance for police stations
・Wrote a commentary on the Unauthorized Access Prohibition Act (as a material for the Metropolitan Police Department)
・Won 6th place at the 1st Cyber Security Open Cup Competition sponsored by the Metropolitan Police Department
・After retiring from the Metropolitan Police Department in 2020, took SANS FOR508 to brush up on digital forensics technology.

In addition to cybercrime investigations, he opened and operated the Metropolitan Police Department's first Twitter account.
The operation method attracted attention and received numerous media coverage. Published a paper on Twitter operation. He has also published books.


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