Report on 2018 HLB Audit & International Tax Conference


HLB held an international audit and tax conference in Frankfurt, Germany in July this year, bringing together 215 professionals from 37 countries participating in the HLB. From the HLB Meisei LLC, Takeda, the representative representative, continued to participate in the Asia-Pacific Conference.

The theme of this international conference is the approach to the new environment facing modern leaders. Presentations such as artificial intelligence and auditing, auditing for the latest IT technology, new development of advisory work, and human resource development to train advanced experts were given.

Guest speaker Dr. Johannes Beermann (Executive Committee of the German Federal Bank) gave a speech focusing on the current state of economic development in EU member states, and Mr. Garry Figgings (Cloudpay Sales Director) focused on the international salary issue. . In addition, Cees Krijgsman (RiskCo CEO) is the life insurance and bank group pension plan and asset management, Jamie Freiman (Rutgers) is the latest accounting technology, David Coble (Chile foreign investment) (Chief Economist of the Agency) gave a lecture on investment opportunities in Chile.

In the Audit Committee, as usual, audit issues were given and group discussions were held for each table. It was quite difficult to discuss difficult audit themes in rustic English, but I learned a lot.

Tsuyoshi Takeda

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