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Takeda, the representative of HLB Meisei Limited Liability Audit Corporation, a group corporation, gave a lecture to members and associate members of the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants in the training sponsored by the Japan Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

The title of the training is “Easy data analysis with Excel and ActiveData” which is useful for fraud detection.
Therefore, he gave a lecture on analysis techniques that combine “data analysis” and “fraud accounting” and demonstrations of fraud detection.

The Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Council of In-house Accountants hold workshops on in-house accountants.
The purpose is to maintain and improve the qualifications of in-house accountants, promote the organization of in-house accountants, expand the activity areas of members and associate members, and promote the mobilization of human resources.

It goes without saying that “data analysis” is indispensable for business strategy and marketing activities in order to improve corporate value in these days, which is called the DX revolution. “Data analysis” is also useful for “illegal accounting”, which instantly loses the trust of the society that has been built up until now if it is discovered.

The technique that combines “data analysis” and “fraud accounting” is to examine fraud risk, create a fraud scenario, and then analyze the data that hits the fraud scenario from the big data accumulated in the company and examine the result.

External auditors use CAAT tools to analyze data, but recently, companies have also introduced CAAT tools to detect fraud on their own. Expectations for the combination of “data analysis” and “fraudulent accounting” for in-house accountants belonging to the accounting department and internal audit department are also expected to increase.

It is also important to select a CAAT tool for data analysis. It is often said that we tried to introduce the CAAT tool, but the introduction did not proceed due to the high cost, the difficulty of operating the tool, and the difficulty of understanding how to use it, and it did not lead to fraud detection. ActiveData for Excel meets the needs of companies looking for a simple CAAT tool that is inexpensive and ready for anyone to use.

A major feature of ActiveData for Excel is that it is easy to operate with the Excel that you are used to. Since the operation is easy, there is an advantage that an in-house accountant who is busy with daily work can efficiently perform “data analysis”.

In this training, under the theme of “Easy data analysis with Excel and ActiveData for Excel” that is useful for fraud detection, you will be given a lecture on analysis techniques that combine “data analysis” and “fraud accounting” and demonstrations of fraud detection.

The lecturer is Mr. Takeda, a certified public accountant representing HLB Meisei LLC, which has a wealth of practical experience and knowledge.

And finally, you will have the experience of creating and running a fraud detection scenario yourself.

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