Reception party hosted by HLB at the residence of the British Embassy in Japan


On August 28, 2012, a reception party organized by HLB International was held at the British Embassy in Tokyo.

(Photo of Guest House No.4 Living at the party venue)

Guest house No. 4 at the party venue is Embassy House, where Mr. Sue Kinoshita, counselor of the British Embassy in Japan lives. This time, it was offered as a venue.
On that day, we were blessed with the weather, and about 50 people from the three companies (Takano General Accounting Office, Meisei Audit Corporation, Kyoritsu Audit Corporation) and business partners who made up HLB Japan gathered at the venue.

(British Embassy / Counselor / Sue Kinoshita, Opening Remarks)

Mr. Sue Kinoshita, the counselor of the British Embassy in Japan, gave the opening remarks, and talked about the collaboration between UKTI and HLBI and the future partnership between UKTI and HLB Japan.

(Greetings from HLB Japan From the left:Mr. Kakuji Takano, Takano General Accounting Office / General Manager;Kyoritsu Audit Corporation / Representative Employee Mr. Kiyoshi Asada;General representative employee Takeda Takeshi; Meisei Audit Corporation/International Contact Partner and Facilitator Mr. Hideshi Yasuda)
 The representatives of the three offices of HLB Japan introduced the overview of each office and the business vision utilizing the HLB network.

(HLB International CEO Robert Tautges presents HLB International)

 According to Robert Tautges, CEO of HLBI, “HLBI is a member of IFAC and a network of international accounting firms that ranks 12th in the world. We guarantee overseas service, a response system within 24 hours, uniform and high-quality service provision, and a one-stop service.”

 (Guest Speaker: Takeshi Kanno, who was selected as one of the 100 most influential people in the world at TIME100 in 2011.
Marumori-machi National Health Insurance Marumori Hospital, Director of Internal Medicine / Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Gastroenterology.)
 What impressed the entire venue was Dr. Kanno’s speech, which he actually experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake. Using photos and videos, he talked about the disaster and the importance of people’s bonds. He strongly appealed the importance of sharing the experiences learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake with society as a whole.

(Please refer to Dr. Kanno’s profile and books from the link below.)
kanno_profile.pdf (135KB)

(HLB International CEO Robert Tautges’s toast)

“Now to pray for your future and toast!”
 We had a welcome drink and delicious Italian food, and it was a wonderful party inside the guest house.

(From left: Mr. Go Takeda, General Manager, Meisei Audit Corporation, Hideshi Yasuda, International Contact Partner; Guest Speaker, Takeshi Kanno; HLB International CEO, Robert Tautges / Head of Business Channel Development, Coco Ke Liu: Embassy of the United Kingdom in Japan Counselor, Mr. Sue Kinoshita)Finally, a precious group photo was put in the camera. Through this reception party, HLB Japan strengthened its cooperation with the HLBI headquarters. The three HLB Japan corporations also deepened mutual friendships and reaffirmed the strengthening of their cooperative relationships. At this reception party, we hope to deepen exchanges with invited business partners and lead to new business opportunities.
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