Membership in HLBInternational, an international accounting firm network


On February 25, Meisei Audit Corporation (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Takeda) signed an accession agreement with HLB International (Headquarters: London, UK: Rob Tautges, HLBI).
HLBInternational is an international network of independent accounting firms.

Our company has cleared negotiations with HLBI for about half a year and reviewed the quality of audit work. On the same day, HLBI and Business Development Manager James Frost were greeted and a signing ceremony was held in our reception room.

Photo 1 (Signing ceremony photo)

HLBI is an international network of independent accounting firms with 447 member firms in over 100 countries around the world. The network is a member of the Forum of Firms of the International Federation of Accountants who make recommendations on the establishment of global audit standards and is ranked 10th in the Forum of Firms. Established in 1969, it achieved a total revenue of US $ 1.77 billion in 2009 and is ranked 12th in the international accounting firm network (ranked by total revenue). The main feature is the provision of business in North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and other countries around the world. This corporation is the leading office in Japan and is responsible for the operations in Japan.

The aim of this membership is the following three points.

1. Improvement of brand power
2. Support for overseas business provision and accounting internationalization
3. Improvement of service level and quality level

As a member, we will be able to use the HLBI member firm’s extensive audit manual and audit tools, as well as a global database of audit cases and judgment cases, through the web. As an auditing firm, we will build a strengthened system to respond more accurately to the auditing operations of overseas subsidiaries currently focusing on Asia and to the needs of clients who will expand their activities overseas.

Photo 2 (Dinner scene)

After the signing ceremony, go to Mr. Frost and the multi-course restaurant near the office.
There are many Japanese restaurants and sushi restaurants in London, Frost said. Mr. Frost, who eats Japanese food several times a week, also enjoyed the taste of spring, such as the first wiping tofu and cod tempura. We exchanged opinions on the situation of the UK and Japan after the global economic recession, and the politics of both countries, with enthusiasm.
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