HLB Hong Kong to develop business channel with Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau and Japan


The Hong Kong Trade and Development Department is an international market development agency established in 1966 under the statute to assist Hong Kong traders, manufacturers and service providers. The Hong Kong Trade and Development Department has more than 40 offices around the world and aims to create business opportunities with a focus on providing added value to Hong Kong companies. Achieving this goal is to promote trade in goods and services and to connect small and medium-sized companies around the world through Hong Kong’s business platform.(From the HKTDC homepage)

Every year, the Hong Kong Trade and Development Department organizes large-scale events “Think Global, Think Hong Kong” to promote Hong Kong trade. This year, two main symposiums and thematic subcommittees were held in Tokyo (May 15) and Osaka (May 17), respectively.

The Symposium is the largest trade promotion event held by the Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau in Japan, and more than 3,000 Japanese business leaders and government officials participated. This symposium highlighted Hong Kong’s superiority to Japanese companies looking to seize new business opportunities in Asia, especially in mainland China.

Based on HLB International’s business channel development strategy, HLB Japan has also started to build a cooperative relationship with the Hong Kong Trade and Development Department against the backdrop of the successful development of “HLB Hong Kong-Business Channel with HLB UK”.

HLB Meisei Audit Corporation International Contact Partner Hideshi Yasuda attended the “Think Global, Think Hong Kong” symposium held on May 15, 2012. Mr. Yasuda represented HLB Japan (consisting of 18 partner members, more than 100 staff members and 3 independent member firms) along with HLB Hodgson Impey Cheng, the Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau and HLB Hong Kong member firm. Expressed his intention to support the development of Hong Kong business in Hong Kong.

Hideshi Yasuda handed the HLB Hodgson Impey Cheng brochure to Mr. Samuel W.S.

“Since Hong Kong has been developing rapidly over the past three or five years, it is recognized as an important gate city for mainland China and Southeast Asia,” said Mr. Su Jin, the Commerce and Economic Development Secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
At the 2011 Davos Forum, Hong Kong was announced as the world’s top financial center.
In a session at the literary society, Mr. Tokuo Chen, President of the Hong Kong Financial Management Bureau said, “Japan is the third largest economy in the world and the country with the largest accumulation of financial assets and the latest technology in Asia. Strengthening the relationship between Hong Kong and Japan will have a strong impact on Asian economic growth.”

Hideshi Yasuda was interviewed by local media as a representative of HLB Japan.

 According to a recent interview with Mr. Yuji Karasuma, Consul General of Japan in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau said, “The boom in overseas expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises is recovering and attention is focused on the Asian market.
Japanese manufacturers are actively considering moving to overseas bases, especially in mainland China. Many Japanese companies expect to find good partners in Asian countries where they have never been involved. In particular, many companies in the Tohoku region that have never thought of moving overseas are interested in expanding overseas. Hong Kong has been the top market for Japanese food, agricultural products and fishery products since 2005, accounting for 26% of Japan’s export value. It is also a very important gateway for business with Southeast Asia.”.

HLB International CEO Rob Tautges and Business Channel Development Manager Coco Liu are scheduled to visit Japan at the end of August 2012. Supported by HLB Japan’s local team, this visit aims to strengthen cooperation with Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau, HLB International and HLB member firms. In addition, it aims to develop business channels with influential institutions in international operations, revitalize in-out and out-in projects, and promote investment in HLB member firms.

 At the Tokyo Symposium of Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau, the Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) signed a memorandum of understanding. An agreement was reached on strengthening the relationship between the two and promoting international trade. The contents of the memorandum include sharing the latest market information between Japan and Hong Kong, and sending missions to each other every year.

Prominent business leaders on behalf of Hong Kong and mainland China shared their economic insights and future prospects.
From left to right,
Moderator: Fukui Prefectural University Professor Toyojiro Maruya
Speaker: Crown Worldwide Holdings
Chairman James Thompson
Hang Lung Properties Limited President Philip Chen
J.P. Morgan Chase (China) CEO (Fan Fan)
GoodBaby Group Chairman Song Zen Han

 In the subcommittee “Internationalization of RMB”, representative members of the financial industry in Japan and Hong Kong exchanged opinions.

 Hong Kong officials expressed their expectation that the partnership between Japan and Hong Kong and strengthening the relationship would play a core role in supporting the Asian economy. Japanese officials expressed their expectation that in the near future, we would like to realize the establishment of a direct exchange market for the Chinese Yuan and the Japanese Yen, which was agreed at the China-Japan Summit at the end of last year.

 After the HKTDC Symposium, the Minister of Economy decided on May 29, 2012, to open a direct money market on June 1, 2012 in the Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market and the Foreign Exchange Market. It was officially announced.

Hong Kong Financial Management Office President(Norman T. L. Chan)

Takehiko Nakao, treasurer, Ministry of Finance

Mr. Taku Morimura, Deputy Head of International Business Department, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Executive Officer and Deputy Governor(Gao Yingxi)

HSBC (Hong Kong) CEO Mr. Anita Fun

Senior Vice President, Hong Kong Stock Exchange Senior Vice President, Hong Kong Stock Exchange

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