Disaster drill 2018


At the end of December, I closed my job, cleaned it up, and went to the disaster prevention hall at the headquarters for disaster prevention training. As soon as I arrived, I watched a disaster prevention video about what would happen if a direct earthquake occurred in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
You can learn not only about disaster prevention stockpiling etc., but also daily conversations between family members and disaster prevention drills with neighbors that should be prepared for earthquakes directly under the capital that are said to occur within 30 years.

After that, we conducted some hands-on learning such as practical practice of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, evacuation drills assuming fires, and inundation experiences.
The ex-firefighters followed us for the exercises, and they gave us a lot of stories about the scenes they actually experienced.
In particular, in the exercise of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, he told us that “What is important is not 100% correct treatment. It is important to call out to others and make judgments together.” I learned that it’s important not to do what you can’t do because you don’t know, but to do what you can.

The training is only for production, so don’t be satisfied with this experience. I think it’s important to visit regularly and practice many times.
I thought it would be great if we were able to participate again at our corporation.

It was a place where many children and overseas visitors visited and it was a place where they could easily learn, so I hope everyone will go!

After that, a year-end party was held in the group and it ended in 2018.
Thank you again next year.

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