2017 Employee Travel


This year’s employee trip has been divided into the first half and the second half at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
I took a bus from Shinjuku and took a rental car at Lake Kawaguchi. After joining the two instructors of the Hall Earth Nature School, proceed along the mountain road for about 30 minutes, get off the car at the entrance to the Jukai, and proceed to the Jukai where you cannot enter without notification.

I think Aokigahara Jukai has an image of a terrible place, but it was a quiet place where you could feel the vitality of the trees in the sunshine and see the greenness of the trees. Strangely, the roots of the trees stretched over and over the surface of the earth, and the roots floated in the air when the rocks were piled up. The soil was only thinly deposited on the lava, and in some places the lava was exposed. I was told about the history of Jukai and the traces of lava that the environment where trees grew up was steep because of the eruption of Mt. Fuji.
Walk for about an hour and when you reach the entrance to the cave, you will be equipped with a helmet, gloves and a flashlight and will descend into the cave. When you descend a little, your body suddenly wraps in a layer of cold and heavy air from a warm layer of air. Then go down the narrow entrance ladder to the dark cave.
Inside the cave, the temperature is about 6 ° C even in the harsh season, and the light disappears as you go further. The ground is covered with thick ice. When I erased it, it was a mysterious place where I felt the feeling of being sucked deeper into the darkness. In the first day experience, the instructors Hannari and Daichan were very helpful.
The hotel stayed in a hot spring on the shore of West Lake, one of the Fuji Five Lakes in Yamanashi Prefecture. On that night, I went to the night hike at the Togaku Wind Cave and experienced the night Jukai. At Jukai at night, I closed my eyes, listened to it, felt the scent of the trees with my nose, sharpened my five senses that I wouldn’t be aware of, and felt that I was in Jukai all over. I had the experience of turning off the lights in the sea and trying to lie down, but I felt a mysterious sensation that I was integrated with the forest and there was no individual.

On the second day, we visited a factory in Shinnen, a famous confectionery in Yamanashi Prefecture, and enjoyed soft ice cream that can only be eaten on the spot and packaging experience. Then, move to the vineyard, pick the grapes, eat as much as you can on the spot, bring a bunch of wine to the winery. Crush it yourself and have a tasting. The freshly picked grapes and the crushed juice were completely different, and I felt sweet and delicious that I could add sugar when I stepped on. I moved again and enjoyed visiting the village of Iyashino Soneba, visiting local villages, shopping for local goods, and making smell bags.

 On the final day, the starting team was raining, so the team went to the World Heritage Center, and the following team enjoyed the pleasure boat and the ropeway and enjoyed Mt. Fuji.

I didn’t move much everyday, so I suffered from myalgia the next day. However, it was a memorable trip that was able to fully refresh the mind and body by taking in the good air of the mountains.

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