2014 donation report


This is a report on donations made to external organizations in 2014.

Donated to the following organizations.

November 27
NPO Eco Cap Promotion Association: About 5,500 eco caps
Eco caps collected in the office were sent to the NPO Eco Cap Promotion Association.
Approximately 5,500 are equivalent to 6.4 polio vaccines. In addition, CO2 was reduced by 40mm.

September 12
Tokyo Community Fundraiser (Red Feather Fundraiser): 97,890 yen
The company purchased the in-house beverage prepared by the corporation as a welfare program on the premise of donation, and raised all the money collected.

June 30
Serbia Republic: 500,000 yen
In May, donations were made as donations in response to an oligopoly rebellion caused by the heavy rain that occurred in Serbia and a major flood.
In the case of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the government of the Serbia and the Republic of Serbia have received donations from Japan.

June 25
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR): 500,000 yen We donated funds for the protection and support activities of refugees, asylum seekers, returnees,stateless persons around the world, and domestic refugees estimated to reach approximately 26.4 million.

February 28
Specified nonprofit corporation Doctors without borders Japan: 10,000 yen
We donated as Typhoon No. 30 that occurred in the Philippines in November 2013 and activity support money in Syria, which continues to be in the extension.

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