2010 Donation Report


This is a report on donations made to an external organization in 2010.

The following donations were made by corporations.

October 28
Social Welfare Corporation Chuo Ward Welfare Council: used stamps 280g
For the purpose of promoting community welfare, various community welfare activity costs are providedin cooperation with residents, organizations, and companies so that people can live comfortably in their familiar areas.
October 27
NPO Eco-cap Promotion Association: Eco-cap approximately 1,600
The plastic bottle caps collected in the office were delivered to collection organizations such as the NPO Ecocap Promotion Association via the Tokyo City Shinkin Bank Kyobashi store. About 1,600 PET bottle caps are equivalent to two polio vaccines.

May 21
・Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA): 10,000 yen

Donations will be used to support people in developing countries who suffer from poverty and hunger around the world.

・Non-profit organization, Doctors Without Borders Japan: 10,000 yen

・Child donation (gift for the future): 10,000 yen

The World Terakoya Movement is used to support education in developing countries, and the World Heritage and Regional Heritage Activities and the Future Heritage Movement are used to protect Japanese culture and nature. In addition, it will be used for activities such as support for disaster areas through “Youth Development Activities” and “Great East Japan Earthquake Child Support Fund”.

・Japan UNICEF Association: 100,000 yen
As a group support member fee.

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